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Current Relic Hunter Location: Mousoleum.
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Contributors: 948 - Thank you! :)
Hunt submissions 2685606
Map submissions 40763
Convertible submissions 121184
Traps 166
Bases 73
Charms 202
Cheese 106
Mice 918
Locations 59
Stages 165
Loot 665
Maps 77
Convertibles 529

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The following mice are missing (from most tools based on crowd sourced data) due to several factors:

1) They are bonus mice (prize/RH/etc) (which I don't support yet)
2) They are new, and no one has caught them yet with the extension
3) Mouse is a transition mouse between places and it's impossible to accurately determine where it was caught.
(This will hopefully be solved when MH Devs add API in MH 4.0)
Mice missing from tools (except map helper)
1High Roller
4Relic Hunter

For more info, copy of the data, or if you want to help with data gathering, please look here.